Wireless Repeator03

The SALTO wireless REPEATER03 is a bridge between the gateway and the BLUEnet escutcheons or BLUEnet cylinders. It permits to expand the quantity of networked devices and to increase the number of BLUEnet access points.

Based on SALTO BLUEnet wireless communication, the SALTO BLUEnet Repeater does not need to be wired.


  • Compatible with SALTO BLUEnet wireless network.
  • Wireless radio frequency based on Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • AES 128bits encryption.
  • Connection to the GATEWAY03 by SALTO BLUEnet wireless connection.
  • Powered by 12V power supply adaptor.
  • Can manage up to 16 wireless locks.
  • Can manage up to 5 additional repeater.
  • Firmware update via software through Ethernet connection.

Installation Guide

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