SurroundVideo Omni G3

SurroundVideo Omni G3 features a 20 Megapixel, Remote Setup with Remote Focus, Zoom, Pan, and Tilt. It has a Day/Night Omni-Directional Camera with Motorized Lens, SNAPstream and Surface Mount.

Key Features

  • No Touch Setup: 4 Individual Camera Gimbals Each with a Varifocal Motorized Lens That Can be Remotely Setup in Any Position Around a 360° Track
  • Preset Positions to Create a 360°, 270°, or 180° Field of View, or Save Custom Presets
  • SNAPstream™ Advanced Compression Algorithm Reduces Bandwidth without Impacting Image Quality
  • Forensic Zooming – Zoom Live or After the Event While Recording Full Field-of-View in HD – Replace PTZ Devices
  • True Day/Night Functionality with Mechanical IR Cut Filter
  • Binning Mode for Strong Low Light Performance
  • Privacy Mask, Motion Detection, Flexible Cropping, Bit Rate Control, Multi-Streaming, and Multicasting
  • Dual Encoder H.264/MJPEG
  • PoE and Auxiliary Power: 18–48V DC/24V AC
  • Outdoor Rated IP66 and IK-10 Impact-Resistant Housing
  • Complete Mounting Options
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