RFNode03 Wireless Control

The SALTO wireless NODE03 is a bridge between the gateway and the escutcheons or cylinders, where the distance to the escutcheon or where the number of escutcheons that must be linked to the gateway exceeds what is possible with a single gateway.

It also permits to combine in a same property wireless electronic escutcheons or cylinders that belongs to SALTO RFnet or SALTO BLUEnet wireless networks as the RFNODE03 can be connected to a GATEWAY02 (RFnet) or GATEWAY03 (SALTO BLUEnet).


  • Compatible with SALTO BLUEnet wireless network.
  • Wireless radio frequency based on Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • AES 128bits encryption.
  • Connection to the GATEWAY02 or GATEWAY03 by BUS 485.
  • Powered by the GATEWAY.
  • Can manage up to 16 wireless locks.
  • Firmware update via software through Ethernet connection.


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