4MP Outdoor WDR IP Dome Camera 3

The OE-C7624-AWR is a high power outdoor IP dome camera with an enhanced IP66 design to ensure weather resistance even in complex installations. Equipped with a 4MP 3 ~ 9mm motorized, autofocus lens and P-Iris, the OE-C7624-AWR allows you to control both zoom and focus remotely. The OE-C7624-AWR features True WDR and True Day/Night operation for improved low light performance and employs adaptive IR technology to prevent overexposure of objects close to the camera. The OE-C7624-AWR includes an integrated heater, allowing operation in extreme temperatures as low as -40 °F, and can be fully powered over PoE class 3. The Smart Compression option reduces storage requirements by up to 70% while maintaining high-resolution video and preventing a perceptible reduction in video quality. OpenEye HD IP cameras with Smart Compression allows users to save money and still meet video retention and resolution requirements.

All OpenEye IP cameras are fully ONVIF™ compliant and are compatible with the OpenEye Web Services platform, allowing multiple users to view high-quality images and perform remote setup using a Web browser.

OpenEye oe-c7624 Spec Sheet

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